Introduction to Psychology

This recipe book was created for people like you that want to live a healthy lifestyle but also want to eat amazing food.

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Chapter 1. Introducing Psychology

Introducing Psychology

Chapter 2. Introduction to Major Perspectives

Introduction to Major Perspectives

Chapter 3. Psychological Science

Psychologists Use the Scientific Method to Guide Their Research

This book is designed to help students organize their thinking about psychology at a conceptual level. The focus on behaviour and empiricism has produced a text that is better organized, has fewer chapters, and is somewhat shorter than many of the leading books. The beginning of each section includes learning objectives; throughout the body of each section are key terms in bold followed by their definitions in italics; key takeaways, and exercises and critical thinking activities end each section.


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Absolutely beautiful cookbook. This book has me eating more fish that I have ever eaten in my life. The beautiful pictures make everything look so appealing that you want to try every recipe.
Great food photos, easy to read and follow recipes. Compiled in sections. Each recipe has listing of type fish recommended for that recipe. Also has nutritional information.
Betty H.
Not only full of good recipes but an interesting read and something that you can learn from when it comes to cooking. I have made numerous recipes from this book and all of them successful.
Ken Boyar

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